Live At The Ouisi Bistro

Ouisi Bistro, Granville st, Vancouver

A night of music, food, beer and craic at one of our favourite local establishments.

Since first seeing this place as a scared, fresh off the boat Irish man it fascinated me. The beautiful paintings on the wall would look at you and question as you pondered around the room. The beautiful and amazing staff always welcoming, hospitable and friendly, invited me in and made me feel at home in this bar this city, this country.

As I came to know Brian O'Brien, Cassidy Waring and then Larry Keogh we all grew to love the place. At one time or another, during all our "serious business meetings" or "world problem solving sessions" even "the meaning of life conversations" we all dreamed about how great it would be to have a night of music in the Ouisi.

We were extremely sad to hear that our beloved local will be closing its doors in late October. There will be a Ouisi Bistro shaped hole in all our hearts. But before it closed we thought we could try to make our dream come true, with some more "business meetings" we made it happen. So please join us on Oct 5th from 8:30pm to what ever time you can Stand, for some Louisiana style cuisine, some fine alcoholic beverages served by beautiful people, a good send off and A night of local music you won't forget!

Cassidy Waring: 9pm - 9:30pm Larry Keogh: 9:45pm - 10:15 Paul Caldwell & The LAD's: 10:30pm - 11:10pm Brian O'Brian & The LAD's: 11:15pm - 12pm