Break Radio Silence


it’s been a while since my last post. A lot of exciting things happened since then. I can’t remember if I was one handed or two, but I’m very glad to report my right hand is back in action. I am now playing guitar again and I have video evidence to prove it! We celebrated the end of summer on my friend Brad’s roof and shot a couple of live videos. I’ll be very happy to share them with you when they’re edited and mixed. 

I’m also shooting a video for Black Is The Colour, I’m really excited about that one. More details to follow.. 

Since I was a young lad, before I could play guitar, before I ever thought I could write a song, before I knew the 3rd verse of The Weight, I always wanted to hear myself played on the radio. 
A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Jonathan Smeaton (who you should check out on Spotify right now) dropped off my EP with his friend, Jimmy Stafford. Jimmy is a DJ at my local radio station, Highland Radio, back in Donegal. He has a great show on Monday nights and Saturday mornings, all about new and local music. He played my song, A Different Story, on air for the first and second time, and gave it great praise. I was over the moon with this news, as it was another thing ticked of my evergrowing bucket list.
I tuned in online at and sat at my piano to listen to my song being played on my local radio station at home. That truly was a moment I’ll never forget. Always grateful to Jonathan and Jimmy for making this happen, it was a little dream of mine that came true. A moment of recognition and inspiration. 

Recent shows have all been really good. I was asked by my friend and fellow musician Barry Quinn to headline The Last Thursday Session's at Mahony and Sons on the 25th. It was a great night, as I shared the stage with a couple of really talented musicians. It's always a pleasure to play down there, and the day came and went with no emergencies, near finger losing moments or work place accidents of any kind! A huge success!

Overall, October has been a really busy time for me between gigs, shows and videos, but it's been nice to feel this productive.

There's a couple of shows and video releases in the works, so stay tuned!

Talk soon, 


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