Come the day come the hour.... EP released!


This has been an eventful month. On June 1st I sliced my little finger open, cutting the artery, the tendon and the nerves. Basically, everything there to cut, was cut. An amazing surgeon spent 3 hours sewing all back together, I have that amazing doctor and her team to thank for saving my little finger. Now every hour is filled with physiotherapy exercises, visiting an amazing Physiotherapist twice a week and an album launch work in-between. 
It might have been the universe telling me that I needed some time off work or it might just have been a weird stupid accident, either way it gave me time to get this EP to you! Doing all the real exciting music business stuff.... It's lots of fun, really.. (where's the sarcastic face emoji?) 

Apart from all the fun I've been having, the staring into a white screen and trying to figure out how all of this is done. I'm not that computer literate to be honest. Thankfully BandZoogle makes it fairly easy! 

The other thing that makes it easy is having wonderful people around you. My wonderful loving girlfriend Lauren who is always an inspiration to me, and the only one with enough patience to help me with all of the online stuff. All my friends, Paul Crawford helped me design the album cover, my friend Gurk who took the photos for it. 
Lucas who has helped me from day 1 to make this project into something real, all my musician friends who played on the album, Sid Jordan, Derek Maroney, Alvin Brendan, Ben Barber, Devon Wells, Callum O Riordan, Natalie Ramsey, David Lavoie, Vidar Norheim, Chris Mc Mullan, my good friend Brian O'Brien and last but definitely not least my brother Christy Caldwell! 
Bill Lanham for recording drums and bass in Long Beach. Jeff Zipp did a fine Job on mixing the tracks and even played some electric guitar on there! Brock McFarlane who mastered them. 

I read a quote the other day, I don't know who it's by, but it said "people are not there to see through you, but there to see you through" 

Thanks everyone. 

And thank you for listening and for reading this. 

I hope you like the songs. 



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